Karen DeYoung

Washington, D.C.

Associate editor and senior national security correspondent

Education: University of Florida, BS in journalism, 1971

Karen DeYoung is associate editor and senior national security correspondent for The Washington Post. In more than three decades at the paper, she has served as bureau chief in Latin America and London and as correspondent covering the White House, U.S. foreign policy and the intelligence community. She has been assistant managing editor for national news, national editor and foreign editor. She has won numerous awards for national and international reporting and is the author of “Soldier,” a biography of Colin Powell.
Latest from Karen DeYoung

Greece request for U.S. fighter jets sticking point for Turkey’s F-16s

President Biden has all-but promised Turkey new F-16s for backing Sweden’s NATO accession. But sealing the deal is tricky.

July 12, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: Ukraine ‘running out of ammunition,’ Biden says; no NATO invitation for Zelensky at upcoming summit

The Biden administration's decision to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine bypasses a U.S. law that prohibits their use, production or transfer.

July 8, 2023

White House defends sending up to hundreds of thousands of cluster shells to Ukraine

As the Biden administration authorizes the controversial transfer, Kyiv promises they will not be used near civilians.

July 7, 2023

Biden approves cluster munition supply to Ukraine

The Biden administration approves controversial munitions as conventional artillery stocks dwindle.

July 7, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: Wagner’s mutiny is a sign of war’s ‘corrosive’ effect on Russia, CIA chief says

The United States had "no part" in Yevgeniy Prigozhin's rebellion against Russian defense officials, CIA Director William J. Burns said Saturday, reiterating the Biden administration's assertion.

July 1, 2023

U.S. poised to give Ukraine controversial cluster bombs

The Biden administration is pushing lawmakers and allies to put aside human rights concerns as regular ammunition stocks are depleted.

July 1, 2023

U.S. envoy to Iran put on leave amid security clearance investigation

Robert Malley, the Biden administration’s special envoy to Iran, faces an investigation into his handling of classified information, an official said.

June 29, 2023

As revolt in Russia subsides, U.S. and allies brace for what comes next

Yevgeniy Prigozhin’s extraordinary showdown with Vladimir Putin has dealt a serious blow to the stability of the Russian regime, observers say.

June 24, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: Wagner chief accuses Russian military of attack

Moscow accused Kyiv a day earlier of striking a bridge connecting Russian-held territory in southern Ukraine to Crimea.

June 23, 2023

U.S. and Iran in indirect talks over nuclear program and prisoners

With no hope of reviving 2015 nuclear agreement, the goal is reducing rising tensions and bringing home American detainees.

June 20, 2023