Benno Schmidt Jr., top leader at Yale and CUNY, dies at 81

He also served as dean of Columbia Law School and helped start two for-profit private school ventures.

By Emily LangerJuly 12, 2023

California State University system names its first Latina chancellor

Mildred García will become the next chancellor of California State University, the first Latina to lead the nation’s largest public university system.

By Nick AndersonJuly 12, 2023

Bowie State reaches $50 million fundraising goal — two years early

Bowie State University said it has raised $50 million to support scholarships, building renovations and other initiatives at the historically Black college.

By Corinne DorseyJuly 11, 2023

Some Maryland 529 prepaid accounts to get 6% retroactive interest

Maryland Treasurer Dereck E. Davis said he will retroactively apply a 6 percent earnings rate to accounts in the state’s prepaid college savings trust. Maryland 529 suspended earnings on 31,000 prepaid accounts last year, citing a calculation error.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielJuly 11, 2023

Colleges scrutinize race-based financial aid after affirmative action ruling

Some legal experts predict college scholarships and other financial aid could be the next legal battle after the Supreme Court's decision on affirmative action.

By Susan SvrlugaJuly 8, 2023

UNC expands financial aid after affirmative action loss at Supreme Court

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pledges free tuition for in-state residents whose families make $80,000 a year or less.

By Nick AndersonJuly 7, 2023

David Fogle, influential preservationist, dies at 94

At the University of Maryland, he started a historic preservation program to get students hands-on experience.

By Michael S. RosenwaldJuly 6, 2023

Civil rights complaint targets Harvard’s legacy admissions preference

A civil rights group petitions the Biden administration to force the university to stop giving an admissions preference to children of alumni.

By Nick Anderson and Susan SvrlugaJuly 6, 2023

Without affirmative action, how will colleges seek racial diversity?

None of the options to retain and increase racial diversity — from eliminating legacy preferences to reducing slots for athletes — is simple.

By Nick Anderson and Susan SvrlugaJuly 5, 2023

‘I have no hope’: Student borrowers devastated by high court ruling

People who hoped the Supreme Court ruling would uphold President Biden’s debt-relief plan were crushed and confused by the news.

By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff and Corinne DorseyJuly 1, 2023

What to know about the Supreme Court decision on Biden’s debt relief plan

The Supreme Court overturned Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, saying it was too broad. What happens now with the program? Here's what we know.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielJune 30, 2023

Biden pledges new path to student loan relief after judicial setback

The Supreme Court's rejection of Biden's student loan plan leaves him with few options.

By Toluse Olorunnipa and Danielle Douglas-GabrielJune 30, 2023

Supreme Court rejects Biden student loan forgiveness plan

Hours later, President Biden announced a “new path” for loan forgiveness and plans for a temporary, 12-month repayment program.

By Robert Barnes and Danielle Douglas-GabrielJune 30, 2023

Supreme Court’s halt on student loan relief isn’t end of Biden’s effort

The court also ruled Friday in favor of an evangelical Christian graphic artist from Colorado who did not want to create wedding websites for same-sex couples.

By John Wagner, Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Robert Barnes, Mark Berman, Maegan Vazquez and Mariana AlfaroJune 30, 2023

The future of college without affirmative action

On Thursday, the Supreme Court restricted race-based affirmative action policies, changing the landscape of higher education in the United States. Today, we look at what this decision means for college admissions and beyond.

By Monica Campbell, Elana Gordon, Tanya Chawla, Jordan-Marie Smith, Sean Carter, Janel Davis and Reena FloresJune 30, 2023

Who has student loan debt in America?

Public awareness of education debt is high amid debates over loan forgiveness, yet little is discussed of how the debt shakes out.

By Alyssa Fowers and Danielle Douglas-GabrielJune 30, 2023

Biden wants to help keep colleges diverse. Can he?

In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling on affirmative action, Biden urged admissions offices to consider the adversity applicants have faced.

By Susan SvrlugaJune 30, 2023

Supreme Court rejects race-based affirmative action in college admissions

Landmark cases involving Harvard and the University of North Carolina asked the Supreme Court to ban affirmative action, or using race in college admissions.

By Robert BarnesJune 29, 2023

Supreme Court ruling restricts affirmative action in college admissions

The Supreme Court decisions in cases involving Harvard and UNC restricted consideration of race in college admissions, effectively overturning decades of court precedent.

By John Wagner, Nick Anderson, Amy B Wang, Mark Berman and Maegan VazquezJune 29, 2023

What to know about the Supreme Court ruling on college admissions

How will the affirmative action ruling change the way university administrators do their jobs?

By Nick Anderson and Susan SvrlugaJune 29, 2023