Cybersecurity Policy

Court developments on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean show prosecutors’ focus on cybercrime.

The comments came on the same day the judge rejected a Justice Department filing to stay the injunction. The Justice Department is appealing the ruling with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.

The debate over the annual defense policy bill features a slew of cyber proposals.

Hurd discussed Chinese threats, how to protect U.S. networks, the international dynamic to cybersecurity and more.

It comes as GOP government officials take action against CISA over its efforts to counter disinformation and misinformation.

The notices come around two-and-a-half years after the discovery of the SolarWinds breach.

The vital cables are responsible for much of the world’s intercontinental internet traffic.

The cyberattacks, long seen as a nuisance, are showing signs of increasing sophistication and having new targets.

Will Hurd has entered the 2024 presidential fray.

A top U.S. senator and cyber diplomat laid out the arguments on Wednesday.

The Justice Department's National Security Cyber Section will focus on nation-state cyber activity, Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen told The Cybersecurity 202.

U.S. officials often describe the Chinese cyberthreat as being “unparalleled” or an “epoch-defining threat.”

U.S. agencies, companies and universities have all been hacked.

The two sides of a long-running dispute over the security of Georgia’s election machines can’t agree on what conclusions to draw.

Officials say the surveillance powers granted under what’s known as Section 702 helped ease the damage of the 2021 ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline that sparked an East Coast fuel panic.

A day before a Senate hearing on the surveillance powers, civil liberties groups told Congress about their proposed changes.

U.S. officials say it dates back at least four years.

Researchers say that Asylum Ambuscade has hit more than 4,500 victims.

The proposals are the latest battleground over government cybersecurity mandates.

This time around, things could get worse before they get better.

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