FTC will appeal court’s decision allowing Microsoft to buy Activision

A federal judge ruled that Microsoft can continue with its acquisition of video game maker Activision, but federal antitrust regulators are appealing the decision.

By Caroline O'Donovan and Cat ZakrzewskiJuly 12, 2023

Five features iPhone users can test now in the iOS 17 public beta

Apple's latest iPhone software update, iOS 17, is now available as a public beta for anyone brave enough to test it. Here are five notable changes to check out.

By Heather KellyJuly 12, 2023

Elon Musk talks xAI, AI superintelligence, aliens and more on Twitter

Elon Musk unveiled a team of 11 employees, drawn from OpenAI, DeepMind and the University of Toronto, a center of academic AI research, to form xAI.

By Gerrit De VynckJuly 12, 2023
What's NewAnalysis

What we love and hate about Threads, Meta’s new Twitter clone

The new social media app Threads is Instagram’s version of a Twitter clone. It has burst onto the scene.

By Geoffrey A. Fowler and Naomi NixJuly 12, 2023
Printer WeekAnalysis

Printer ink is a scam. Here’s how to spend less.

Americans waste $10 billion each year on name-brand ink. So we tested low-cost options including remanufactured cartridges, ink injection kits — and even making our own.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerJuly 12, 2023

You can say no to a TSA face scan. But even a senator had trouble.

Some airport travelers, including a U.S. senator, are having trouble saying no to security technology that's supposed to be voluntary.

By Shira OvideJuly 11, 2023

Judge rejects FTC’s attempt to block Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision deal

A federal judge ruled on the government's case to block Microsoft's acquisition of Activision, a closely watched suit widely seen as a bellwether of the Biden administration’s ambition to rein in Big Tech.

By Cat Zakrzewski and Caroline O'DonovanJuly 11, 2023

We hate printers as much as you do. Printer Week is here to help.

The Help Desk’s series of stories and investigations into the state of printers is happening July 10 to 14.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerJuly 11, 2023

They’re chained to their printers. Why the paperless office hasn’t fully caught on.

Despite the push to go paperless, many workers still consider printers valuable —even if they’re frustrating.

By Danielle AbrilJuly 11, 2023

Group forms to pressure 2024 candidates to turn down Big Tech money

The organizers hope to persuade candidates not to take money from Big Tech companies for their 2024 campaigns.

By Cat ZakrzewskiJuly 11, 2023

Justice Dept. asks 5th Circuit to delay judge’s social media order

In its request the Justice Department called the ruling overbroad and vague.

By Cat Zakrzewski and Tim StarksJuly 10, 2023

Meta’s Threads tops 100 million users in just 5 days, Zuckerberg says

In less than a week, the Twitter competitor has become one of the most downloaded social media apps in the United States.

By Eli TanJuly 10, 2023

People are paying to break printers with sledgehammers in smash rooms

Americans hate printers so much we're paying money to destroy them in smash rooms. It's good for our emotions, but bad for human health and the environment.

By Tatum HunterJuly 10, 2023

Your printing service might read your documents. Here’s what to know.

Some printers and printing services are snooping on your documents. Here's a quick guide to printer privacy for people in a rush.

By Tatum HunterJuly 10, 2023

Employees want ChatGPT at work. Bosses worry they’ll spill secrets.

Companies know the AI tool could be a game-changer, but fears about security and privacy are holding them back.

By Taylor Telford and Pranshu VermaJuly 10, 2023

Will China overtake the U.S. on AI? Probably not. Here’s why.

As Congress considers how to regulate the use of artificial intelligence, some worry that constraints on American companies will allow Chinese ones to get ahead.

By Meaghan TobinJuly 9, 2023

Tech firms hope sweaty workouts can sell women on VR headsets

Makers of virtual reality headsets move away from gaming in a bid to broaden their customer base.

By Naomi NixJuly 9, 2023

A viral left-wing Twitter account may have been fake all along

For months, the Erica Marsh account had raised suspicions among online misinformation experts due to her lack of a real-world footprint and her devotion to attention-grabbing viewpoints one called “cartoonishly liberal.”

By Drew HarwellJuly 8, 2023

Social media injunction unravels plans to protect 2024 elections

The companies and the government spent years expanding efforts to combat election interference after the 2016 vote; the ruling undoes much of that.

By Cat Zakrzewski, Naomi Nix and Joseph MennJuly 8, 2023

How an AI-written Star Wars story created chaos at Gizmodo

A Gizmodo story on Star Wars, generated by artificial intelligence, was riddled with errors. The irony that the problem happened at a tech publication was undeniable.

By Pranshu VermaJuly 8, 2023