They took the day off to watch a movie. Tom Cruise crashed their date.

Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie showed up to a Washington, D.C., movie theater during a showing of the new Mission: Impossible film.

By Anumita KaurJuly 12, 2023

Colleen Ballinger cancels tour amid ‘grooming’ and racism allegations

Former fans have accused the YouTube star best known for playing Miranda Sings of sending explicit messages and exploiting underage fans.

By Samantha CheryJuly 12, 2023

Fox News sued for defamation by man named in Jan. 6 conspiracy theories

Ray Epps says Tucker Carlson falsely presented him as a "scapegoat" for the Capitol insurrection.

By Jeremy Barr and Will SommerJuly 12, 2023

Grandma heard us say she’s boring and we hate to visit. Hax readers give advice.

The 'boring' grandma they 'hate' to visit overhears them admitting that, then moves away without leaving her new address.

By Carolyn Hax and Haben KelatiJuly 12, 2023

White House warns reporter Simon Ateba about his press-room outbursts

The White House officially warned African journalist Simon Ateba that his outbursts could cost him access to the briefing room.

By Paul FarhiJuly 12, 2023

Inside the college newspaper investigation that got a football coach fired

Pat Fitzgerald had simply been suspended by Northwestern University, but student journalists suspected there was more to the story and found a history of hazing.

By Laura WagnerJuly 12, 2023

10 gluten-free dinner recipes, including pizza, curry and noodles

If you're gluten-free and need some dinner inspiration, consider one of these quick, easy recipes.

By Anna Luisa RodriguezJuly 12, 2023

Shrimp scampi is a garlicky, buttery delight

Once just an Italian word for a lobster-like crustacean, scampi is now an Italian American classic that features shrimp in a garlicky sauce.

By Aaron HutchersonJuly 12, 2023

Does your yard have a ‘hellstrip’? Native plants could help.

Dedicated gardeners embrace the challenge of coaxing life from inhospitable terrain. Here's how you can, too.

By Tovah MartinJuly 12, 2023

Meghan Leahy: Daughter has ADHD, and I feel like I’m failing her

Teen girl with ADHD won't get out of bed, stares at her phone and her parent is not sure how to help

By Meghan LeahyJuly 12, 2023

You might have mice without knowing it. Here’s how to outsmart them.

Mice are so adaptable that they can work around your cat's nap schedule. Rodent experts share their best advice for getting rid of them.

By Rachel KurziusJuly 12, 2023

This Burger King ‘burger’ is just a bun and a 20-slice tower of cheese

The release of the cheesy offering in Thailand prompted mixed reviews. But is it really a burger?

By Lyric LiJuly 12, 2023

The campaign of Chris Christie’s dreams

Who needs to wake up to the political realities of 2024 — Trump loyalists, or the anti-Trump candidate?

By Kara VoghtJuly 12, 2023

Mary Ann Hoberman, award-winning poet for children, dies at 92

She received a National Book Award for “A House Is a House for Me” and had bestsellers in the You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You series.

By Emily LangerJuly 12, 2023

Miss Manners: Friends keep correcting my ‘unacceptable’ choice of words

How can this letter-writer respond to friends pointing out language they deem offensive?

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinJuly 12, 2023

Ask Amy: Grandma ignores parents’ babysitting rules

Letter writer and spouse disagree about limiting kids time with Grandma who lets them on social media.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 12, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Give up dream opportunity abroad to support aging parents?

After decades supporting clingy, difficult parents, a letter-writer is torn over pursuing a "lifelong dream abroad."

By Carolyn HaxJuly 12, 2023

Will found in Aretha Franklin’s couch is valid, jury says

It was first believed that the Queen of Soul did not leave a will for her estimated $80 million estate.

By Andrea SalcedoJuly 11, 2023

Regulators crack down on THC products that look like children’s snacks

The FTC and the FDA warned five companies to pull a handful of products that are 'nearly identical' to popular snacks, such as Doritos, Cheetos and Nerds.

By Emily HeilJuly 11, 2023

This 30-minute vegetable soup is an exercise in embracing leftovers

Tamar Adler created a “compendium of what to do with what you have,” giving practical tips and recipes for using leftovers to create fresh meals.

By Ann MaloneyJuly 11, 2023