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Tracing a tragedy: How hundreds of migrants drowned on Greece’s watch

A Washington Post investigation retraced the route of the Adriana and how Greek coast guard decisions contributed to a preventable tragedy.

By Imogen Piper, Joyce Sohyun Lee, Claire Parker and Elinda LabropoulouJuly 5, 2023

Scenes from Wagner’s mutiny: Coffee in camo, street sweeping between tanks

As armed Wagner mercenaries took over the military headquarters in Rostov-on-Don, in a shocking rebellion, some Russians appeared unfazed.

By Dalton BennettJune 25, 2023
The Washington Post

FBI resisted opening probe into Trump’s role in Jan. 6 for more than a year

In the DOJ’s investigation of Jan. 6, key Justice officials also quashed an early plan for a task force focused on people in Trump’s orbit.

By Carol D. Leonnig and Aaron C. DavisJune 20, 2023

Senators propose crackdown on retired military work for foreign powers

The bill, which includes stiffer penalties for lawbreakers, comes in response to The Post’s investigation on the issue.

By Craig WhitlockJune 20, 2023

Takeaways from The Post’s examination of DOJ’s Jan. 6 investigation

More than a year elapsed from Jan. 6 before DOJ began actively probing key actions by Trump and those around him to steal the election. Here's why:

By Aaron C. Davis and Carol D. LeonnigJune 19, 2023

Khashoggi’s widow sues Israeli firm over spyware she says ruined her life

Hanan Elatr says Saudi Arabia used NSO’s Pegasus spyware to track her and her husband’s whereabouts before he was murdered.

By Dana PriestJune 16, 2023

The Survivors

She was told she had to take steroids to compete in bodybuilding. He ignored health warnings and nearly lost his life.

By Desmond Butler and Alice LiJune 14, 2023

Mike Lindell’s $5 million contest winner takes him to federal court

A Nevada man is chasing a prize that arbitrators ruled he is owed in a contest over the 2020 election. The MyPillow CEO wants a state court to vacate the award.

By Emma Brown and Chris DehghanpoorMay 19, 2023

Who is conservative activist Leonard Leo? A friend of Clarence Thomas.

The Leonard Leo-Clarence Thomas friendship dates back decades, when Leo helped the judge during his contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991.

By Timothy BellaMay 5, 2023
The Washington Post

Judicial activist directed fees to Clarence Thomas’s wife, urged ‘no mention of Ginni’

Leonard Leo told GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway to give the spouse of the Supreme Court justice "another $25,000" and to bill a nonprofit organization called the Judicial Education Project.

By Emma Brown, Shawn Boburg and Jonathan O'ConnellMay 4, 2023
The Washington Post

Newly released White House photos capture the day bin Laden was killed

The Washington Post obtained newly released photos taken by official White House photographers of key moments inside the White House during the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.

By Nate JonesApril 28, 2023

Retired NSA director won lucrative consulting deals with Saudis, Japan

Retired Army Gen. Keith Alexander won federal approval to serve as $700,000 cyberwarfare adviser to Saudi Arabia after 2018 death of Jamal Khashoggi

By Craig Whitlock and Nate JonesApril 25, 2023
The Washington Post

Mike Lindell’s firm told to pay $5 million in ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ election-fraud challenge

The MyPillow founder and election denier offered the money to anyone who could disprove his claim about data he said showed China manipulated the 2020 U.S. election.

By Chris Dehghanpoor, Emma Brown and Jon SwaineApril 20, 2023

Clarence Thomas has for years claimed income from a defunct real estate firm

The misstatements are part of a pattern that has raised questions about how the justice views his obligation to report details about his finances to the public.

By Shawn Boburg and Emma BrownApril 16, 2023

China’s struggles with lab safety carry danger of another pandemic

Investigations show China is vulnerable to serious lab accidents, exposing problems that allowed deadly pathogens to escape in the past, and could well do so again.

By Joby Warrick and David WillmanApril 12, 2023

The virus hunters

A journey into the wild world of high-risk virus hunting, a coming reckoning, and The Post’s year-long investigation into the U.S. role in pushing such research to the edge.

By Reena Flores, David Fallis, Elana Gordon and Sean CarterApril 10, 2023

Why is fentanyl so dangerous?

The powerful painkiller is the leading cause of overdose deaths in America.

By Julie Vitkovskaya and Courtney KanApril 10, 2023

Research with exotic viruses risks a deadly outbreak, scientists warn

The covid-19 epidemic has challenged conventional thinking about biosafety, leading a growing number of scientists to reconsider the danger of prospecting for unknown viruses and other research with pathogens.

By David Willman and Joby WarrickApril 10, 2023

Clarence Thomas has reported receiving only two gifts since 2004

Eighteen years ago, the Los Angeles Times detailed how Thomas had reported receiving thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts — far more than other justices on the Supreme Court at the time. That story appears to have marked a turning point for Thomas’s public disclosure of gifts.

By Emma Brown and Shawn BoburgApril 7, 2023

Supreme Court justices under new ethics disclosures on trips, other gifts

Supreme Court justices and all federal judges must provide a fuller public accounting of free trips, meals and other gifts they accept from corporations or organizations, according to revised regulations quietly adopted this month.

By Jonathan O'Connell and Ann E. MarimowMarch 28, 2023