Caiine is a Cheshire-based artist, who began working with her current writing partner and producer in 2017. Their work can be characterised as mellow, synth-filled, alternative R&B, drawing influences from the roots of soul music and contemporary R&B.


Since her early childhood growing up in South East London, music and performance have been Caiine’s safe haven – her sanctuary when things fall apart. She also writes poetry as a form of escapism. Many of her poems have formed the basis of her lyrics. Caiine is instinctively curious: whether it’s the history of a word, the symbolism associated with a tree, or the reaction that happens inside a smoke bomb, Caiine is fascinated by the complex ‘inner workings’ that come with being human.


After moving permanently north to be with her mother in the small salt mining town of Northwich, she began singing at every given opportunity, including winning local competitions and appearing in ITV’s ‘The Voice’. She has been referred to as an ‘old soul’, and it’s a phrase that fits her almost too well.


In 2020 she gained a place at SXSW as an official showcase artist. Her latest two singles Disengage and Breakdown were added to the BBC Introducing Hotlist 2020. In November 2020 her single Drown became her first single to receive airplay on BBC Radio 1. 


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